Reduced light and sound (Gravity)

Trampolining has been shown to help with a wide range of sensory, developmental and physical issues. In our Reduced Sound & Light sessions, Gravity offers a dedicated yet fun environment for any bouncers who wish to join us in a calmer, quieter environment

Our tailored Sessions with specially trained marshals offer a completely dedicated yet fun environment focussed on sensory engagement, offering therapeutic exercise to participants.

Special Equipment and Focus

Operating with reduced sound and lighting, we have a range of specialist equipment available for use during classes, including Sensory Tents and Balls.

We work closely with organisations focused on disabilities to make sure we offer appropriate and beneficial activities, so please call us to discuss your specific needs.

Service Details

Provided by:
Gravity Trampoline Park
Central Milton Keynes
Support and services:
602 Marlborough Gate
Central Milton Keynes

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