Making sense of autism - raising awareness

Gain a better understanding and awareness of autism and the way if affects children in early years settings.

Who is this training for?

This training is for all staff in all early years settings.  This includes:

  • Childminders
  • Nursery nurses/assistants
  • Teachers
  • Lunchtime staff
  • Senior management and governors
  • service staff such as administrators

What will you learn?

  • The importance of understanding the individual child on the autistic spectrum and their profile of strengths and weaknesses.
  • To identify the key areas to help children on the autism spectrum build positive relationships with staff and their peers.
  • To know that many children on the autism spectrum can be unusually sensitive to everyday sights, sounds, touch, tastes and smells. This can affect their learning and emotional state.

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Service Details

Provided by:
Puzzle Centre
Puzzle Centre
The Old School House
Middle Claydon
MK18 2ET

Organisation Details

The Puzzle Centre is a charity that promotes and delivers early intervention for young children with autism or communication difficulties and provides training and outreach to families and practitioners throughout the UK.

We believe that every child with autism or other communication difficulties should have access to prompt, appropriate and high quality education, therapy and support.

Our mission is to provide high quality education and therapy for young children with autism or other communication difficulties; to ensure that families receive expert advice and support and to lead the development of best practice early intervention.

Puzzle Centre
The Old School
Middle Claydon
MK18 2ET

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