School Nursing Service

Milton Keynes School Nursing Team Service provides specialist nursing care, advice and support to school-age children and young people.  Milton Keynes school or who are registered with a Milton Keynes GP.

The service is available to children aged four to school-leaving age, registered with a Milton Keynes General Practitioner (GP) or attending a Milton Keynes mainstream school in Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas.

The service does not cover special schools in the Milton Keynes area (The Redway School, White Spire School, Slated Row School, Romansfield School, Stephenson Academy and the Walnuts School) which are covered by Milton Keynes Children with Complex Needs Team instead.   The Milton Keynes enuresis (bedwetting) support service is available to children aged seven to 16 living in Milton Keynes, attending a Milton Keynes School or who are registered with a Milton Keynes GP.

Organisation Details

CNWL stands for Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. However, we stand for more than our name; we put quality at the centre of all we do. We're also proud to be part of the NHS and everything the NHS stands for.

Central & North West London Foundation Trust – MK Community Health Services

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