Adult Speech and Language Therapy

This service is for anyone aged 18 years and over who lives in Milton Keynes or who has a Milton Keynes General Practitioner (GP).  We may also be able to see you if you have been referred to us by your Milton Keynes Hospital consultant.  If someone is receiving speech and language therapy as part of another team different criteria may apply.

Milton Keynes Adult Speech and Language Therapy Outpatient and Community Service assess and treat patients with eating, drinking and swallowing problems and/or communication problems.  The team is based at Milton Keynes General Hospital, adjacent to the Luing Cowley Outpatients Building.  They see patients at this location or in any of the following settings:

  • Home
  • Nursing homes or residential homes
  • Milton Keynes Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit
  • Windsor Intermediate Day Care Unit
  • Daycare centres
  • Willen Hospice
  • Consultant and outpatient clinics

Service Details

Provided by:
Central & North West London Foundation Trust – MK Community Health Services
Eaglestone, Milton Keynes
Support and services:
Eaglestone Health Centre
Standing Way
Eaglestone, Milton Keynes

Organisation Details

CNWL stands for Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. However, we stand for more than our name; we put quality at the centre of all we do. We're also proud to be part of the NHS and everything the NHS stands for.

Central & North West London Foundation Trust – MK Community Health Services

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