SEND Reforms

The Children and Families Act (Part 3) 2014 Reforms how the needs of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and disabilities (SEND) are met.


The Act sees a radical overhaul of the system for assessing and determining the right school and support for children with special educational needs (SEN) and disability. It extends the system to include all young people up to the age of 25 and gives children, young people and their parents, greater control and choice in decisions while ensuring that their needs are properly met and there is a clear focus on outcomes.

Putting children and young people at the heart

At the heart of the system is an expectation that children and young people are at the centre of everything. From September 2014, every authority will publish a Local Offer describing what services and provision children and young people with SEN and disabilities can expect to find in their area, how they can access them and any threshold criteria that apply. Those with the most significant needs may have an Education, Health and Care Plan. This will result from a co-ordinated assessment by all agencies and will describe outcomes and provision in all areas.  Under the Act, families will also be able to request personal budgets to cover some support across education, health and care. Parents and carers are more closely involved in terms of decisions for their own children and as equal partners in the development of the new ways of working.

Progress in Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes implementation is being managed by a Programme Board, with working groups that cover:

  • The Local Offer
  • The Educational Health Plan and Transition into Adulthood
  • Personal Budgets
  • Health

The working groups are made up of representatives including parents and carers, schools, the local authority, health and the Parent Partnership Service.

How to get involved

There are a range of opportunities for parents, carers and young people to get involved and have their say. To find out more please get in touch with any of the contacts below:

Email Caroline Marriott, Head of SEN and Disability

PACA MK, parent carer forum T: 01908 257828 or visit

Email MK Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service, MK SEND IAS

Last Updated: 25 November 2020