Transition into Primary School

Moving into primary school can sometimes seem a daunting step if you child has SEND, or you have concerns about their development.

We can support you and your child to make that transition to primary school 

Passing on of information:

You know your child better than anyone, so you are best placed to give the school staff the information about your child that you think they’ll need.

The Early Years setting will have built up a detailed picture of your child’s development, and they will also have written records that show what support has been given, and the impact this has made. This can be passed onto the receiving school.

If a child has SEND, it is helpful to arrange a Transition Review. This is a meeting that you, the early years setting and school staff attend. During this meeting you can share what your child likes, his/her strengths and also their areas for development. You can also discuss what parts of the school day they are likely to need support in. This meeting is usually arranged by the early years setting. However, if your child is known to a visiting professional, then this person may organise it and attend. 

In early years we know that young children feel most comfortable and learn best when they become familiar with their surroundings and routines. We therefore have the option to arrange for your child to have a series of visits to their new school during the latter half of the summer term (either as part a group, or individually with adult support). We also recommend that the school take photographs of the new environment, staff and routines so that a scrapbook can be made for your child to share during the summer holiday.

Schools also invite all parents to an induction meeting, where they give you information regarding uniform, etc and answer any questions you may have regarding the school day.




Last Updated: 5 August 2019