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The following sites provide help and advice for a range of issues, from knowing your rights to getting help to live independently.

Anxiety support and resources

We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives. Think about the last job interview you went to or the time you took your driving test!

Individuals on the autistic spectrum or with social communication difficulties are more likely to experience anxiety than their “neurotypical” peers. Think about their communication challenges, their sensory processing sensitivities, difficulties in ability to express their emotions/ understand others, poor impulse control and issues around self-regulating. Living in a world that isn’t overly accepting or forgiving of their struggles and challenges, it is hardly surprising that social situations and the like can become extremely anxiety-provoking. Recognising the triggers, scaling your emotion and using appropriate tools and strategies to support your anxiety can have a positive effect and may enable you to learn to deal with such emotions.

Anxiety support (DOCX, 29KB)
Online Mental Health posters (PPTX, 1014KB)
Anxiety management facts and strategies for parents (DOC, 113KB)
The Broken Record technique (DOCX, 28KB)
Apps for anxiety (DOCX, 91KB)

Other resources

SEND Information and Advice Service (SEND IAS) provides support and guidance for parents and carers of children and young people with SEN.  For  lots of information on how the service can offer support to you, you can visit: All about Information, Advice and Support Services. A handy guide that explains the new SEND system for children and young people can be downloaded here: SEND guide for children and young people (PDF, 4.9MB).  The following video (from YouTube) explains how the new system will affect you: How SEND is Changing.

Childline - If you are scared or worried about something and you can't talk to anyone in your life, you can always ring Childline.  You can call them on 0800 1111.  You can also use the link in the external links section to have an online chat or visit their message boards.

Get Your Rights - You have rights when making decisions and choices about your healthcare.  This amazing website has lots of videos of young people talking about their experiences and great information on how to use the NHS and take control of the decisions that affect you.

Council for Disabled Children - This is an umbrella organisation for the disabled children's sector, bringing together professionals, practitioners and policy makers.  They have many resources, including an area just for young people, I'm a young person.

Mind Ed - These resources are free and are supported by Young Minds, the Royal College of Psychiatrists etc.

Last Updated: 28 April 2020