Services for Young Adults

For children who are already open to the team your worker will talk to you about moving on to adult services and if you are agreeable will begin the process of referring the young person to adult team.

For young people who do not have an allocated worker in the Children with Disabilities Team, a specific worker based in the team will review all students with a statement/EHC plan who are in current Year 9.  The purpose of this is to assess if the young person will be eligible for an assessment of needs from Adult Social Care Services. This is to support a smooth transition from child to adulthood. 

In order for this decision to be made, parents and workers are asked if they could provide specific details of the child’s difficulties and how they affect them, especially if it is not recorded on the information system. It is also possible that if the information is not clear then the worker will attend the Year 9 and above meeting.  Sometimes the school your child attends will ask that a member of the team attend and it is your choice if they do or do not.

We do have various links with organisations who provide clubs and/or information regarding adult life and we will be able to signpost you on to these.


Last Updated: 5 August 2019