Support available to you and your family if your child meets the Children with Disabilities Team criteria

Once you have had an assessment and it has been decided that your child meets the criteria of the Children with Disabilities team and there is going to be some ongoing support put it place, then a family support plan is going to be put in place.  This will be completed with you and will be drawn up in the first instance from the information that you and the professionals have shared with the worker from the team.

We have a variety of workers who can support you in various ways.  This will include supporting you in getting other services involved with your family who can provide equipment such as OT’s or wheelchair services.

Part of the assessment could be about respite and this could be a couple of hours a week/month or overnight at the local respite centre.  This will be based on need and fully discussed with you.  During this time, there will be a chance to discuss direct payments and if this will work for you and your family.

We can also offer bespoke packages to look at a variety of behaviours and ways in which you can be supported in the home or the community.  This will include sleeping patterns and putting together a routine that fits your child and family, going out in the community looking at ways in which your child can be supported to tolerate going to places such as the shops, clubs or leisure activities.

Workers can support families in going to various medical appointments to help you express your concerns and worries to the doctors, and then put together a plan to help the child.

The team work with local charities and we have lots of information regarding the days out or clubs that they run and you can be signposted to these.

If at any time you wish this support to stop then it can do.  The only reason we may not close a case is if we have child protection concerns.

Last Updated: 5 August 2019