Support during the Coronavirus Outbreak - Educational Psychology

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Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, there has and continues to be an unprecedented impact on the lives of everyone across the UK and worldwide. It is recognised that a wider offer of community support and information may be useful to help all of those who work with and care for children and young people. During this crisis, Milton Keynes Educational Psychology Service support in relation to the pandemic will be delivered at three levels: Universal, Targeted and Critical. As part of the Universal level of support, Milton Keynes Educational Psychology Service have created and drawn together a collection of online resources and guidance for education settings and children and families.

MK Educational Psychology Service: Support during the Coronavirus Pandemic (PDF, 472KB). This document outlines the MK EPS offer of support, including advice and guidance for educational settings in planning for sad events. It also includes links to resources that support with emotional wellbeing, bereavement and loss.

Transitioning back to school following the Covid-19 Pandemic

Transitioning back to school following the Covid-19 pandemic: Nurture, Relationships and Emotional Wellbeing (PDF, 1.8MB)
Members of the Educational Psychology Service and Inclusion and Intervention Team at Milton Keynes Council have developed guidance to support children and young people returning to school following the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance focuses on prioritising nurture, relationships and emotional wellbeing and includes various links to resources, as well as feedback from families in MK on their thoughts about returning to school.

Recovery, Re-introduction, Renewal, Safe and Successful Returns to School - Whole school SEND and the Association of Educational Psychologists (PDF, 5.5MB)
Written by educational psychologists and Whole School SEND, this handbook presents five guiding principles of recovery and a graduated response framework for schools to use in planning the return to school at individual, group and whole-school level. It also includes references to practical resources to share with young people, staff and parents.

Critical incidents

Guidance on critical incidents: using your Educational Psychology Service (PDF, 372KB)
As part of their existing work, Milton Keynes Educational Psychology Service (MK EPS) offer support to schools and settings in the instance of a ‘critical incident’ (i.e. a traumatic event or bereavement of a child, family member, member of staff or individual in the wider community).

Addendum to Critical Incident Policy (PDF, 376KB)

Information and resources

For parents and carers (PDF, 365KB)

For children and young people (PDF, 570KB)

For schools (PDF, 354KB)

Wellbeing tips for schools (PDF, 408KB)

Wellbeing tips for families (PDF, 403KB)

Talking to children and young people about Covid-19 (PDF, 511KB)

Other useful resources during the pandemic

MK Public Health has a wealth of information for adults about looking after your mental wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic. This includes signposting to useful resources and information about dealing with bereavement at this time.

The British Psychological Society: Division of Educational and Child Psychology has produced a range of resources, guidance and advice for schools and parents and carers to support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Back to school: Using psychological perspectives to support recovery and re-engagement
This guidance complements the UK and national government advice on the return to school for pupils by offering a psychological perspective on the process of re-engaging children and young people with school.

Supporting care-experienced children and young people during the Covid-19 crisis and its aftermath
This advice is intended for foster and kinship carers, adoptive parents and professionals who work with care-experienced children and young people. It provides insight into the potential difficulties care-experienced individuals may be facing during the pandemic and offers advice on how to support these individuals.

Teacher resilience during Coronavirus school closures
This document provides a framework to foster teacher resilience during the pandemic. It offers advice on how to facilitate resilience in relation to three areas – belonging, help-seeking and learning.

Coronavirus and UK school closures: Support and advice for schools and parents/carers
This document provides advice in response to the UK governments announcement of school closures. It aims to provide support and advice on the experience of stress in children and young people and offers suggestions for schools and parents and carers during this period of uncertainty.

Last Updated: 10 February 2021