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The Local Offer is designed to be a single point of access for families with Children with SEN to find information on the services they need and as a tool in considering what services need to be developed. We want this information to be clear and easy for you to access, to make sure we achieve this it is essential for us to gain your views!

Providing feedback on organisations listed in the Local Offer:

You will soon be able to comment on any local organisation listed. To do this you will need to click on ‘feedback’ by the organisation you wish to comment on. You can star rate the service, but you will then be asked to provide a comment that accompanies this. You will not be able to see your comment on the website immediately as all comments will be moderated and the organisation will have the opportunity to respond before they are shown on the site.

Providing feedback on the Local Offer Website and your views on service provision:

You are welcome to use this page to provide feedback on the Local Offer Website and contribute your views more broadly on gaps in services, and service development. We will use this page to regularly post questions where it will be helpful to obtain your view. Currently we would find it most helpful to know:

  • Did you find what you were looking for on the Local Offer Site?
  • How easy has it been for you to use this site find the information you need?
  • Do you have any ideas for other organisations or services that you think should be included in this site?
  • From your experience, are there any gaps in services, or services that you have found difficult to access?

We will use your responses to improve the Local Offer Website and to inform service development. Your comments will be posted on this page once they have been moderated with a response from SEN services or the most appropriate organisations.

Local Offer feedback 2019-20 (PDF, 273KB)

Local Offer feedback 2019-20 (PDF, 272KB)

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Local Offer feedback 2015-16 (DOCX, 45KB)

SEND survey report (PDF, 764KB)

Outcome of informal consultation on Walnuts Residential Home

Cllr Nolan made the following statement on the 6 November at the Milton Keynes Council Cabinet Meeting:

The Walnuts Residential Home is part of a local authority maintained school but is separately registered with Ofsted.

The SEN code of practice requires the local authority to regularly monitor their structures and arrangements to ensure they continue to be appropriate.

Following the resignation of the head teacher prior to the summer term and following requests from the Walnuts School governing body, it was an appropriate time to carry out an informal consultation to explore if the residential provision should continue. 

This informal consultation was carried out between 15 June and 10 August 2018. This received a good level of engagement and 184 responses were received.  Of these 71% (131) agreed with the proposal to close the home and 29% (53) disagreed.

On considering the feedback during the consultation period it is my view that the residential provision should not continue in the long term. 

However, after the consultation, Ofsted undertook a routine inspection of the residential home and graded it as inadequate.  Ofsted issued timelines for concerns to be addressed and plan to return for a further inspection in December 2018.

As a result I have decided that it is not the right time to move to a formal consultation to close the residential provision. Priority needs to be given to the wellbeing of the children currently resident in the home and addressing Ofsted’s concerns. Once the residential provision has been judged to be at least adequate, a formal consultation could then be considered. 

However, through the informal consultation we also heard from families who were concerned about the immediate impact of any closure and worried about whether the children currently resident would be forced to move. We don't want anyone to move unless it is in their best interests to do so.  Our plan therefore is to consult on any closure after Autumn 2021 (when the youngest child currently resident will be aged 16). Meanwhile I am asking that no new children become permanently resident at the home.

Any questions can either be raised with practitioner’s involved with individual children or young people and any other questions can be sent to

Local Offer Feedback

Do you have ideas on how the Local Offer could be improved

Your views are important to us and will be responded to in a timely manner.  Any suggestions made will be included anonymously in the annual SEND Local Offer Feedback document.

Last Updated: 25 November 2020