Young Carers

A young carer is any child or young person who is looking after somebody who has a long term illness, a physical disability or a mental health problem. If you are a young carer you'll probably spend a lot of time doing things for other people who cannot do those things for themselves this could be a parent, a brother or sister, relative or friend. Examples of the things young carers do include:

  • helping someone to eat or bath
  • giving someone their medicine
  • keeping an eye on someone if they drink too much alcohol or take dangerous drugs
  • helping people who behave oddly at times or have mood swings

Sometimes young carers miss out on important things like school, sports, hobbies and socialising because they’re so busy helping out or they are worried about the person they look after.

It is important that young carers and the people that they look after get the help and advice that they need. In Milton Keynes Council the responsibility for assessment and responding to the needs of a young carer rests with the service responsible for assessing the person they support. This means that, usually,  Children’s Services take the lead for young carers of disabled children and Adult Services take the lead where the cared for person is an adult although the services will work together and input is likely to be required from both.

  • The point of contact in Adults Services is the Access Team
  • The point of contact in Children Services is MASH

This is described in more detail in our Young Carers Assessments procedure.

Young Carers MK is a specialist service to support young carers living in Milton Keynes. Young Carers MK can help to make sure the person that is being looked after gets the help they need from the council, it also can help the young carer by offering support and activities including:

  • a chance to talk to someone about your situation
  • youth clubs, trips out and social events



Last Updated: 10 February 2020