Adult Social Care Leaflets and Documents

Adult Social Care Leaflets

How can we help you? (PDF, 200KB)
Financial Assessment and Charging for Care and Support (PDF, 79KB)
Top ups (PDF, 98KB)

Community Alarm and Telecare Services 
Community Alarm and Telecare Services - Referrers Leaflet*

*Please note that this leaflet is currently being revised to take account of changes in charges, the new versions will be added to this page as soon as possible. For more information please see Financial Assessment and Charging and Community Alarm and Telecare Charges

Becoming a personal assistant & The Personal Assistant Register (PDF, 306KB)
Becoming a Shared Lives Carer

Adult Social Care Reports, Plans, Strategies and Policy

Charging and Financial Assessment Policy (July 2017) (PDF, 411KB)

Corporate Privacy Notice

Health and wellbeing strategies
Milton Keynes Carers Strategy 2014-2017 (PDF, 938KB)
Milton Keynes Deprivation Of Liberty Safeguards Policy
Milton Keynes Multi-agency Adult Safeguarding Policy



National Documents and Leaflets


Care and Support is Changing Leaflet (PDF, 2.4MB)
Care and Support Leaflet for Carers (PDF, 3.7MB)
Care and Support Leaflet for You (PDF, 7.6MB)


Last Updated: 18 July 2018