Night Care Service

The Night Care Service aims

The service is part of the Council's Care and Response Service, it aims to provide:

  • An improved quality of life for service users.
  • Less intrusive forms of night support to promote dignity and independence;
  • Improved sleep leading to improved health and well-being;

The service has two parts and service users may require either level or a mix of both

1) Assistive technology

This includes:

  • Community alarm pendent with remote response
  • Sensors within the home e.g. epilepsy monitor, enuresis monitor, gas shut off etc.
  • Just Checking’ to assess night time activity
  • Aids - including continence equipment

2)  Night Care Visit(s)

Night care visits can be

  • Scheduled care and support visits based on identified care need; or,
  • Urgent/unplanned care need– For individuals who may require urgent care e.g. medication, personal care or emotional support in times of crisis who would otherwise remain safe between visits.

How to apply for this service 

Access to the Night care service is via Adult Social Care Staff only. The service user must

  • Have received an Adult Social Care Assessment
  • Be eligible for Adult Social Care Support
  • Be financially assessed (there is a charge for the service)


Last Updated: 15 September 2021