Adult Carers

'As a carer you are entitled to information and advice and you may be able to get support both for yourself and the person you care for. If you are not looking after someone at the moment but are thinking about doing so in the near future you can also ask for help to find out about the options available to you. Adult Social Care can offer you a range of information and support including:

  • help with caring during the day or night or both
  • a break / time off from caring (sometimes called respite care)
  • activities for the person you care for
  • direct payments for you to arrange your own support
  • financial and benefits advice
  • emotional support from other carers or people who understand

For some services you will need to have a carer's assessment before we can agree the help that you need. In an emergency we will arrange the support and an assessment will take place as soon as possible afterwards. 

At present there is no charge to carers for the support that we provide directly to them, however we may charge for support provided to the person that you care for.

For more information or to request a carer's assessment, contact the Access Team.


Last Updated: 8 March 2020