exclamation Choosing the right care and support for you

If you know what help and support you need you may be able to arrange this yourself or you may need some information and advice or specialist support. This page describes the options available and how the Adult Social Care Hub aims to help with this.

Living healthily, safely and independently

We want to help all adults live as healthily, safely and independently as possible, we also want to support people to stay in their own home wherever this is possible. To support people to live healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices the Public Health Team provides local services, advice and information, you can find this on the Health and Wellbeing Hub.

What help may be available to you?

If you want to find out about the different types of help available in your local community you can use our Adult Social Care Directory.
- You can arrange many services yourself, many of them are available to all and some are free. 
- You may be able to pay for the support you need yourself or, you may need help to do this. The "Paying for your care and support" section aims to explain the options. 
- If you use Domiciliary Care (home care/home help) or a Residential or Nursing Home they must be registered with the Care Quality Commission which inspects and regulates them. NHS Choices provides useful  "Questions to ask when using a home care agency"  and "Tips on choosing a home" 

The Adult Social Care Hub also includes information that is aimed for people with a particular illness or disability  and for carers who are supporting a family member or friend.

Help to identify your needs

If you need help to understand what your needs are and how to arrange the services you need, if your independence and well being are at significant risk, or you are concerned about another person you can contact our Access Team or  you can complete a Request for care and support. We will often be able to give you the advice and information you need over the telephone, if necessary we can arrange to see you in person.

The Access Team will also forward specialist adult social care enquiries, including safeguarding concerns, to relevant staff.

Maintaining your independence

To support you to maintain your independence and live in your own home, we may suggest  Equipment, Adaptations and Assistive Technology or we may arrange some short term support to help you. Wherever possible we will help to avoid hospital admissions or help you return home from hospital as quickly as possible by reablement services (also called Intermediate Care). If you think that you need to move into Sheltered Housing, Supported Accommodation or a Care Home we can give you advice and information about the options available and what may best suit your needs.

Ongoing Social Care Support

If you need ongoing social care support our staff will then contact you offer to further advice as required and where necessary we will carry out an assessment to look at your eligible social care needs and identify if you are eligible for funded adult social care. The way that we do this is explained  in the "Care Assessment, Eligibility and Support Planning" section.