Equipment and Adaptations

If you have a mobility problem or a disability, which makes it dificult to get around or do every day tasks you may find that equipment or adaptations make life easier. These can sometimes be all that is needed to help you to maintain your independence and quality of life and keep you safe in your own home.

Aids and equipment

If you think you need straightforward equipment or minor adaptations to your home, you can obtain this equipment yourself from a wide range of high street retailers, major chemists and supermarkets and on-line suppliers. If you choose to buy equipment yourself, you will be responsible for the costs of whatever you decide to buy and for keeping it in good working order. 

Alternatively, you can contact Adult Social Care to discuss what will make your day to day living easier. Sometimes we can provide simple equipment straightaway, but for more complex needs  our Community Occupational Therapy Team (OT) will contact you. If, following this assessment, we agree that you need equipment, and we supply this, we will pay for this.

Equipment that can be provided and changes that can be made to your home include:

  • Bath seats
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Rails and grips to help with mobility
  • Ramps to the front door
  • Widening of doorways for wheelchair access
  • Repositioning or changing kitchen and bathroom fittings

Mobility Equipment

If you need Mobility Equipment such as:

These must be requested via your GP.

Short Term loan of mobility aids

If you need a short-term loans of mobility aids these can often be loaned from the local British Red Cross. You can ether collect equipment or, in some cases, have it delivered for a small fee. 

Disabled Facilities Grants

If you need adaptations to help you live independently at home you may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant. These grants are provided for more major and essential works (costing £1000+) and are subject to an assessment and a means test.

Eligibility for Disabled Facilities Grant funding

To be entitled to a DFG you must meet a number of criteria:

  • The adaptation must be necessary and appropriate to meet your needs 
  • The adaptation must be reasonable and practical for your home environment
  • You must pass the financial assessment (means test) looking at your income expenditures and any benefits you are on, you may be exempt from financial assessment because you are in reciept of certain benefits.

The DFG Application Process

To apply for a DFG:


Information about where you can apply for, borrow or purchase equipment and adaptations can be found by searching for "Equipment and Adaptations" in our Adult Social Care and Health Directory.

Last Updated: 21 November 2018