Pre-Paid Cards (PPC) for Direct Payments

If you receive a Direct Payment you can use a Pre-Paid Card to help you manage the money.

Receiving your Direct Payment 

Our standard way of paying your Direct Payment is by using a Pre-Paid Card (PPC) account. Your Direct Payment, agreed in your care and support plan, will be paid in advance straight into the account on a regular basis. You can use the account to pay for services that meet your agreed needs and outcomes.

If you have been financially assessed as having to contribute towards your care and support, we will pay the Direct Payment amount MINUS the contribution you are expected to make. You must pay your contribution into the Pre-Paid Card account as without this, there will not be enough funds in the account to pay for your care.

How does the Pre-Paid Card Account work?

Your account will have a Pre-Paid Card linked to it, this looks similar to a card that you may get from your bank. It can be used in a number of ways:

  • Direct debits, standing orders
  • Bank transfers
  • Online and telephone payments

You will be able to manage and monitor your account online system or by telephone banking and using the PPC telephone helpline. You can also nominate a trusted person to run your account with you.

Setting up your Pre-Paid Card account

As soon as we agree that you should have a Pre-Paid Card Account we can set this up the same day. You will receive a welcome letter informing you of your account number and sort code and your card will arrive 7-12 days later (depending on the day ordered), you can then activate your card and set up your online account to help you manage the money.

Who can get a Pre-Paid Card?

All new and existing people receiving a direct payment can have a Pre-Paid Card account. 

  • New users will automatically be offered a Pre-Paid Card account
  • Existing Direct Payment users can
    • discuss this option at your next review
    • contact the Direct Payment Team Finance (they can set up an account for you)
Manage your card online  OR,
The Customer services phone number is 020 3633 1647  - the call centre is open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 9pm.

Last Updated: 28 July 2021