Emergency protection of your home / pets

If you have a pet it is important that you make plans to care for it you are unable to do this yourself especially if you have a large or unusual pet. You may be able to keep your pet with you and arrange regular help to exercise or feed it or, if you need to leave your pet alone for a long period, you may need to arrange 'pet day care' or kennelling (or similar placement). If you are permanently unable to care for your pet and have no-one who is willing to care for it, it may need to be re-homed. There are national and local organisations which will help you plan the care of your pet in advance, details of these can be found via your vet surgery, in pet shops, on-line, and in specialist pet/animal magazines. 

If you are admitted to hospital or a care home you will usually need to make arrangements to look after your property including your pets. 

If you are admitted to hospital or a care home as an emergency and there is no-one to help the council has a responsibility to consider if it needs to make arrangements on your behalf. You can contact the Access Team to discuss this or someone can do it on your behalf.

If we help you with this we will make sure that your property is secure, which may include moving some of your more valuable possessions to a secure place, we will also make arrangements for looking after your pets. Wherever possible if you know of someone who will care for your pet we will contact that person and make arrangements for them to collect it. If this is not possible we will arrange a kennel, cattery or similar, you will be expected to pay any reasonable costs and you will be assessed on what you can afford. If you are able to resume the care of your pet we will talk with you about re-homing schemes or ask an animal welfare organisation to help. This will be fully discussed with you before any decision is made.