Equipment and Adaptations

If you have a mobility problem or a disability, which makes it difficult to get around or do every day tasks you may find that equipment or adaptations make this easier. These can sometimes be all that is needed to help you to maintain your independence and quality of life and keep you safe in your own home.

Mobility Equipment

If you need a walking stick, walking frame or referral to the Wheelchair Service these must be requested via your GP.

Aids and equipment

If you need small pieces of equipment (such as adapted cutlery, tap turners or dressing aids) you can buy this yourself from high street shops, chemists and on-line suppliers. If you choose to buy equipment yourself, you are responsible for the cost and for keeping it in good working order. 

Alternatively, you can contact our ACCESS Team to discuss what could make your day to day living easier. You may need to be assessed by our Community Occupational Therapy Team (OT) over the telephone, at a clinic appointment or at your home.  The equipment that we may provide includes things that help you to:

  • Access the main entrance to your home safely.
  • Maintain your personal hygiene effectively.
  • Manage toilet transfers.
  • Manage bed and sofa/chair transfers.
  • Enable you to remain safe on the stairs

Short Term loan of mobility aids

If you need a short-term loans of mobility aids these can often be loaned from the local British Red Cross. You can ether collect equipment or, in some cases, have it delivered for a small fee. 

Disabled Facilities Grants

If you need adaptations to help you live independently at home you may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant. These grants are provided for more major and essential works (costing £1000+) and are subject to an assessment and a means test.


Information about where you can apply for, borrow or purchase equipment and adaptations can be found by searching for "Equipment and Adaptations" in our Adult Social Care and Health Directory.

PLEASE NOTE : If you need equipment or adaptations for a child you will need to contact the Milton Keynes Children and Young People's Occupational Therapy Team  

Last Updated: 17 April 2019