Adult Social Care Funded Support (Financial Assessment and Charging)

Social care support from the council is not automatically free, the council must consider your ability to pay for or contribute towards the costs of your support and it does charge for care and support services (except where the law says that they cannot). You will only be asked to pay what you can afford. Sometimes you will pay the full cost and sometimes the cost will be shared between you and the council.

You will be asked to complete a 'Statement of Financial Circumstances' and provide proof of your income, savings and expenditure. You can ask us for help to complete the form, this is available by telephoning our Financial Assessment Team or, if necessary, you may be visited by a Financial Assessment Officer. Once all the relevant information is gathered we will calculate the amount, if any, of the contribution you will be required to pay towards the cost of your support.

The rules for Financial Assessment which all councils must follow, are set by the Government and are complex, they vary depending on if you are receiving support in your own home or if you are living in a care home, and there are upper and lower 'capital limits' which are set on an annual basis here is a very basic explanation of the impact of any capital assets you hold. If you have savings and investments (including any property you have an interest in other than your home address) greater than £23,250 you will be a full cost payer and will receive no support from the local authority. If you have savings or capital below £23,250 and  above £14,250 you will be expected to contribute some or all of your income, plus an amount known as ‘tariff income’  from your capital, for any care and support services you receive through Milton Keynes Council. If you have savings or capital below £14,250 you will need to contribute towards the cost of your care and support from your income only. Depending on your income you may not need to pay anything towards for any care and support services you receive through Milton Keynes Council. We have a financial contribution calculator built in to our Eligibility and care referral form this will give you an estimate of what you might need to contribute to your care.  We have provided more information about how we calculate your contribution in our leaflets:

You are advised to get independent legal and financial advice including welfare benefits advice in order to understand how financial assessment and charging may affect you,  contact details for these can be found by searching for "Advice and Information Services - Financial and Legal" in our Adult Social Care and Health Directory.

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