Adult Social Care Assessment (Care and Support Needs)

  • A Care and Support Assessment is different to a Carers Assessment
  • If you need help to understand what your needs are and how to arrange the services you need our staff will, where necessary, arrange for you to have an Adult Social Care Assessment. You can ask for an assessment for yourself, or on behalf of someone else by contacting the Access Team or, if the person concerned is already in contact with one of our services, you should get in touch with that team. 
  • The assessment is about you and the Council will make sure that you are able to be fully involved. If you wish, then your carer, a friend or family member can help and represent you. If you don’t have someone who can help you and you have a lot of difficulty doing the assessment yourself, the council will find an independent advocate to help you. As part of the assessment we may also ask for information from other people such as your family, friends, your doctor and health staff, this will be with your permission (unless there are reasons that we cannot ask you). 
  • During the assessment the worker will ask about:
    • Your physical health, disabilities and well-being.
    • Your mobility.
    • Your relationships with family and friends.
    • Your involvement in the community.
    • Your involvement with work, education or learning.
    • Your safety.
    • The support you need to manage your personal care and day to day activities.
    • The support that you currently receive from family, friends, other people or services
    • The support that you think you need and what you want to be able to achieve
  • When your assessment is complete if you are requesting support funded by Adult Social Care we then will need to decide if you are eligible for this. The Care Act 2014 introduced national eligibility criteria which must be used to decide what help the council can give you. Your needs could be eligible if you are unable to do certain things and this effects your wellbeing, this is described in the Eligibility Section or you can use our self-assessment tool to see if you are likely to be eligible for care and support.
  • You will receive a written copy of your completed assessment and the eligibility decision.
  • If you do not have eligible needs the Council will give you information and advice about what other services can help you and may also be able put you in touch with other organisations to help you.
  • If you have eligible needs, the Council will contact you to discuss what help might be available and what happens next.
  • A needs assessment can be carried out regardless of your financial situation however if you are eligible for care and support from the council, and you want this to happen you may have to pay something towards the cost and you will then need to disclose details about your savings, assets and income. 

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