Learning Disability Day Opportunities

Day opportunities provide a range of support options to meet an individuals assessed needs.

The service is accessed following an assessment of eligibility completed by the Community Team for Adult with Learning Disabilities and can offer support to adults with learning disabilities who have the highest and most  complex needs (see the Complex Services Model )  by providing a range of individual support packages.  There are 2 building bases, one in Neath Hill and one in Bletchley, however a range of social, sensory and physical activities may be accessed using different resources across MK.

 We work closely with health professionals and follow the ethos of Positive Behaviour Support, developing bespoke support plans to meet peoples physical and emotional needs.  

For people who do not require Complex Services there are a range of opportunities for community based services across MK, offering support to access activities such as leisure, education, information and health services which could be purchased using  Direct Payments.

Last Updated: 14 February 2019