Medication Protocol and Medication Administration Record (MAR) Protocol

Milton Keynes Council and its partner agencies work together to ensure that the support given to individuals is safe, to support this they have developed a number of joint protocols and guidance.

Medication Protocol

This protocol sets out a system for MKC Registered Domicilary Services and contracted Registered Domicilary Services which provide personal care to service users to also assist them with their medication in partnership with District Nursing Staff . Please note that the protocol does not currently apply to:

  • Milton Keynes Council Learning Disability Services and agencies under contract to it
  • Non contracted Registered Domiciliary services
  • Unregistered Domiciliary services
  • Personal Assistants

This Protocol will continue until further notice and there will be no changes to this system pending the 'trial' of the MAR Protocol (see below).

Medication Administration Record (MAR) Protocol 

This system is being introduced on a 'trial basis' for a limited number of Milton Keynes Council services only, it is based on pharmacies producing a printed MAR when dispensing medications. This will be carefully monitored and will be evaluated on an ongoing basis it will then be decided if it will be extended to other services and, if so, when this change will take place.

In addition to the Protocol there is an information sheet for GP's, Pharmacies and service users and their relatives which explains the new system in more detail

Last Updated: 30 November 2017