Help to return home after hospital

Planning the help you need to return home

Before you leave hospital everyone concerned with your care should be satisfied that you will be able to manage when you go home. If you, or others, think that you will need social care support you should ask for a referral to Adult Social Care. In many cases this will be arranged with us by the medical staff or you can ask for this yourself, or a friend or relative can ask on your behalf.

 Request for care and support 

We will aim to help you return home from hospital as quickly as possible. We may be able to give you information about services which you can arrange yourself, or you might need some short term reablement or rehabilitation services (also called Intermediate Care) to help you regain your independence, this kind of help includes:

  • intensive short term medical help at home
  • short rehabilitation programmes
  • home adaptations to help you return home quickly.

If you need more support after your period of rehabilitation this will be arranged with you or you will be given information about how to arrange it.

Visit our Social care directory to find services and advice in the local area.

Last Updated: 29 March 2021