Deferred Payment Agreements

A 'Deferred Payment Agreement' is a system for people who own their own home to agree with the Council that they do not need to sell their home to pay their care home costs. Instead, the Council will pay the costs of care, and recover the money that the person owes at a later date.

  • A person usually repays the Council from the sale of their property at a later date or from their estate.
  • The Council will charge interest (currently 2.25%) and administration costs on these payment arrangements, to cover its own costs of offering them (please note interest is reviewed on 1 Jan and 1 July each year and may change).

There are certain criteria that a person will have to meet to be able to be offered a deferred payment agreement, these are set out in The Care Act 2014 Regulations and described in more detail in our leaflet under documents.

For more information contact the Access to Adult Health and Social Care Team or, if you or the person that you are contacting us about is already in contact with one of our services you should contact that team.