Key Safes

A Key safe is a way of storing your house keys safely outside for other people to get access to your home if you cannot answer the door and in an emergency

A key safe is a strong metal box that securely stores a key outside your home, it replaces the need to leave keys under doormats (or similar) or to give out multiple sets of keys. The key safe is opened with a code only known to you and those you wish to have access to your property.

If you use the Council's Community Alarm and Telecare Services we strongly recommend that you have a key safe fitted and that it is a Police approved model. We can help you to find a suitable safe and a reliable installation service to fit it, however you will need to pay for the safe and the fitting. 

Once your key safe is installed one of our Mobile Wardens will arrange to visit your property and change the access code for your key safe, the access code will then be entered onto the computer based record which we hold for you, and stored securely on our Community Alarm database.  Information relating to your key safe will then only then be accessible by our authorised staff.

If you would like more information about having a Key Safe installed contact The Community Alarm Service.





Last Updated: 6 September 2018