Alarm Sensors (Community Alarm)

A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year service available to anyone living within the borough of Milton Keynes with no restrictions to age or tenancy.


The service is available for anyone, of any age who lives within the Milton Keynes Council area, who would like to feel safer, more protected and independent within their own home, this includes:

  • Older, infirm or disabled people.
  • Individuals who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support and assistance at home.
  • People at risk of domestic violence, racial harassment, repeat victimisation or distraction burglary.
  • Those living in high crime areas.
  • People of any age living alone.

Telecare Alarms are a fixture in  Milton Keynes Council Sheltered Housing schemes and in some purpose built council properties. Sensors ( assistive technology) can be installed in these properties if required.

How do I apply?

Please complete  Apply for Telecare - online form once this is submitted we will contact you to discuss your needs and arrange a mutually convenient time for any agreed installation(s)

More information about Alarms

How does the Alarm Work?
What happens when you activate the alarm?
Is there a microphone on the wristband or pendant?
What is the range of the alarm?
Will my alarm work if there is a  power cut?
Is an alarm easy to install?
Is there a charge?

How does the alarm work?

An alarm call is raised by pressing the button on the pendant, wrist band or base unit. The base unit will then automatically connect to the Alarm Control Centre and the name address and contact details of the registered service user will be displayed on the screen of one of our Operators. (back to top)

What happens when you activate the alarm?

The operator will talk to the service user using the loud-speaker that is built into the alarm base unit to establish the reason for the alarm activation, assess the situation and in agreement with you (where possible) take the most appropriate action on your behalf. This may be to inform one of your contacts that assistance is required; contact your GP; dispatch a Mobile Warden to assist or if necessary alert the emergency services. If the Operator is unable to talk with you, or identify why the alarm has been activated, we will arrange for someone to visit the property to assess the situation.(back to top)

Is there a microphone on the wristband or pendant?

There is no microphone in either the pendant or wristband but there is a highly sensitive microphone located in the alarm base unit. When the alarm is activated operators can normally hear you wherever you are in your home. If the Operator cannot hear you they will assume that help is needed.(back to top)

What is the range of the alarm?

The range of the pendant or wristband will depend on the position the alarm is located. Typically, it will work within a range of 30 to 50 meters from the base unit which may include in the garden of your house. However, the construction of your home and other electrical devices may affect this coverage, we will carry out a test at the time of installation. (back to top)

Will my alarm work if there is a power cut?

The alarm has a battery back up that will keep the it working for a number of hours, until the mains power is restored.(back to top)

Is an alarm easy to install?

The Alarm is quick and easy to install all that is required is a working landline and a nearby power socket, we will supply an alarm unit and a lightweight alarm button, which can be worn as a pendant or on a wristband. The Alarm can generally be installed within 2-5 days of being requested, and in urgent cases the same day. Once the alarm is installed we will need you make a monthly 'test call'  and inform us of any changes to your details.

Is there a charge?

For information about charges and how to pay please see Telecare charges

Last Updated: 14 January 2020