Health and Wellbeing Ageing Well

Health and social care will need to adapt to growing numbers of older people. Nearly a third of older people live alone and social isolation is a contributing factor to over 60% of preventable illness. Lack of social support increases the risk of hospital admission, readmission, and longer stays in hospital. Healthier behaviours and independence can increase the number of our 'healthy years'.

Ageing Well Priorities

AW1 Older citizens are supported to stay healthy and maintain their independence
AW2 Promote choice and control for older citizens, helping them to live at home, with adaptations where needed, for as long as possible
AW3 Develop high quality out of hospital services to reduce the need for hospital admission and get people home safely and quickly
AW4 Support people at the end of their lives to be able to die in a place of their choice
AW5 increase earlier diagnosis of dementia through raised awareness and more effective services
AW6 Promote positive mental health and reduce social isolation through strengthening social support and social networks
AW7 Respond in a positive and proactive way to the needs of our ageing population


Last Updated: 27 February 2020