Health and Wellbeing Starting Well

The first 1,001 days from conception to age 2 is crucial for lifelong wellbeing. Families are the most important influence on a child in the early years. Good emotional health and wellbeing improves a person's life chances. Over half of all mental illness starts before the age of 14 years and 75% develops by the mid -20s. Adverse childhood experiences (such as a parent's substance misuse, social deprivation, or abuse) can mean poor health and social outcomes in later life.

Starting Well Priorities

SW1 Stop all forms of abuse, including neglect and address the impact it has on children and young people
SW2 Help children and young people to better mental health
SW3 Prevent smaller problems from escalating and needing specialist social care and health services
SW4 Make it easier for children and young people to eat well and become more active
SW5 Improve the life chances of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
SW6 Promote access to green spaces and public transport for children and young people
SW7 Support the wellbeing of all pregnant women


Last Updated: 24 July 2018