Milton Keynes Council Sheltered Housing

Milton Keynes Council Sheltered Housing is primarily for people aged 60 years, or 55+ with a support need, and over. It provides a safe, secure and supportive environment for people wishing to live independently in their own homes.

We have a range of self-contained properties across all the schemes including one and two bedroom flats, one and two bedroom bungalows and studio flats which have a combined living and sleeping area and separate kitchen and bathroom.

All our schemes have a Sheltered Housing Officer who offers a daily, morning visit to each tenant, to check their overall well-being and if necessary can offer help such as contacting a Doctor or liaising with relatives. Each property also has an alarm system and  if you need help in an emergency all you need to do is to pull one of the alarm cords or press the button on your pendant alarm and the call will be answered by either the Sheltered Housing Officer (if they are on site) or someone from Care & Response Service (24hrs a day). Further information on the Sheltered Housing service and our schemes can be found in our information booklet (PDF, 20.8MB).

To live within Sheltered Housing you must meet the criteria set out by Milton Keynes Council and the Housing allocations policy. In addition to meeting the allocation criteria you will also have a sheltered housing assessment completed with you by a Sheltered Housing Officer. All assessments are reviewed by the Sheltered Housing Managers prior to being accepted into Sheltered Housing.

For people who need a little more support the council has developed some of its Sheltered Housing Schemes to provide Sheltered Housing with Care these schemes provide 'on site' personal care support to tenants who live within the scheme. These schemes are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), are regularly inspected and provide extra facilities not normally provided in traditional Sheltered Housing.

Milton Keynes Council Sheltered Housing Service is accredited to and rated as a "3 star – Excellent Service" to the  CHS Service Excellence Standards, these are the only independently assessed 'kite mark' for Sheltered and Supported Housing which is outcome-focused.