Public Health

The Public Health Team works to prevent disease and injury by promoting healthy lifestyles among those who live and work in Milton Keynes. They provide services, advice and information to the public, health and social care staff and local leaders to ensure that children have a good start in life and adults live and age well.
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'Working in our Communities to Improve Health and Wellbeing. 
Starting Well, Living Well and Ageing Well'


Key Public Health goals in Milton Keynes:

  • To understand local health and be alert to any changes which take place.
  • To prioritise and be mindful of the health differences across communities.
  • To be effective and accountable for improving and protecting the health and wellbeing of all people in Milton Keynes.
  • To support and empower people to take action in finding their own solutions towards improving their own health and the health of their families and communities.

These are far-reaching goals and in order to achieve them Public Health staff work closely with other teams within the council and a range of provider organisations in the public, voluntary, community and private sectors.

Public Health Areas

  • Health Improvement. Assessing the need for, and developing strategic, evidence based population approaches to behaviour change and commissioning of services to enable everyone to make healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Health Protection. Covering emergency preparedness, expert advice into incident management, monitoring of infectious diseases and the commissioning of services to protect the population from the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Healthcare Public Health. The provision of expert advice to analyse and assess information and evidence in order to advise effective healthcare commissioning, to work with the NHS to strengthen its approach to prevention.

“We will work innovatively with local communities to support people to make healthy choices.”