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Working with our partners we are dedicated to supporting the Health and Wellbeing of our Children and Young People. As a result there are  Health and Wellbeing awards available for organisations, settings and schools to apply for who work with children and young people.
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Milton Keynes 0-19 Healthy Children and Young Peoples Awards

Working with our partners we are dedicated to supporting the Health and Wellbeing of our Children and Young People. As a result there are  Health and Wellbeing awards available for organisations, settings and schools to apply for who work with children and young people, for more information please click into the guidance and criteria for the appropriate age range:

Application process

Health and Wellbeing Award Guidance (July 17) (PDF, 352KB)

When completing these audits think about:

  • Examples of practice – what are you doing within your setting to support this?
  • Examples of impact – have you seen positive changes? How do you know this has happened? Do you have evidence to show this has happened?
  • Examples of future plans – what can you develop? Have you identified any gaps? What are the timescales for these plans?

Smile Awards (PDF, 359KB) programme has been developed to encourage people working in childcare settings to provide healthy food and drink choices, positive oral health messages and practices for children and young people between 0‐19 years. 

Quotes from recent award winners:  


MK Primary Pru

Milton Keynes Primary PRU

Milton Keynes Primary PRU was officially awarded the Milton Keynes “Health and Wellbeing Award” on 20th September 2017. This follows on from being awarded “Healthy Schools” Status and becoming the first school in Milton Keynes to achieve “Asthma Friendly” Status. 

'We are very pleased to have been awarded The Milton Keynes Health and Wellbeing Award and will continue to build upon all the excellent progress we have achieved so far.'  Ms Mills - Headteacher                                                                                                           


Emerson Valley School

Well done to Emerson Valley School for achieving their ‘Healthy Young People’s Award’ which recognises organisations that support young people and their families to be healthy. They are the first primary school in MK to be awarded!

“The award process for the school is already making a huge impact in and around school. We are looking forward to launching our newsletter and really hitting home about how important healthy eating and having a healthy lifestyle is.”                                                                             - Mrs Jacqui Avola (Learning Mentor)


Ride High

“Here at Ride High we are very excited to have been awarded the Milton Keynes Healthy Young People’s Award. We feel that this award is suited to our outcomes in so many ways; promoting fitness and wellbeing, supporting young people and preparing them for their future, with the intention of maximising their full potential. We feel it is extremely important to help young people gain as many life skills as possible during their younger years, and by implementing the Healthy Young People’s Award we now have great external framework to work from, supporting resilience and personal development of the young people we work with.” - Sorrel Docherty - Operations Manager, Ride High


Hedgerows Children's Centre

“It has meant a lot to Hedgerows to receive the Early Years Health Award and Young People’s Health Award. Both experiences have been a wonderful opportunity to audit our services and provision to ensure that we are offering the best practice to all of our young people and their families and make changes where necessary to build on this success. Following the audit we were very pleased to see that were delivering a robust offer and this had real outcomes for our children and their families."

"As we have developed a strong working relationship with health partners from this experience, we are now extending our offer to include Why Weight and have learnt about other exciting opportunities which will help our families make health choices that are effective for them." - Tina Price, Hedgerows Children's Centre Head

kiddi caru

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

“The Hey Award is the next step up from our Smile award, so we are delighted to have received it. It covers everything from portion sizes and oral hygiene right through to physical activities for both children and their parent, for example we have a buggy park so it is easier for parents to walk to nursery. We also provide leaflets and information for families about where they can go in the local area for health related advice. It really is a great initiative and we are proud to be involved.” - Louise Higgins, Senior Nursery Manager - Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

Health & Wellbeing Awards update – June 2017

We have 30 settings across Milton Keynes who have now achieved their Healthy Early Years award through 2015 & 2016. These are all Early Years providers, ranging from Pre-schools to Day Nurseries, to Children’s’ centres and childminders! The oral health team is now in the process of re-awarding some of these settings.

For 2017, when the award changed to the Health & Wellbeing award, we have 3 Early Years settings, 3 new Children centres and a number of Nurseries, Primary and Secondary schools in Milton Keynes that have either been awarded, or are on the pathway to success!

Feedback from settings tells us that providers find it very useful to use our short, concise audit tool as a working document to assess what they are already doing and to evidence this work, as well as focusing on future plans to support the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Milton Keynes.

Our Health and Wellbeing panel meets 3 times a year to discuss some submissions and to support settings to achieve. Further information can be obtained here.   

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Last Updated: 30 November 2017