Adult Safeguarding - Raising a Concern and the Decision Making Tool (DMT)

 MK Together has developed a Decision Making Tool to make it clearer and easier for people to understand what a safeguarding concern is and what to do with a concern.

Modern Slavery

This is holding an adult in a position of slavery, forced servitude, compulsory labour, or facilitating their travel with the intention of exploiting them soon after.


  • Not applicable


  • No direct disclosure of slavery but:
    • Appears under control of another
    • Undertaking long hours at work
    • Poor living conditions/low wages
    • Lives in work place
    • No health and safety in workplace
    • Risk of physical/psychological harm
    • Adult being encouraged to participate in unsafe or criminal activity
    • Wages not being paid directly to the adult


  • Any direct disclosure of slavery
  • Regularly moved to avoid detection
  • Lives in sheds/lockup/containers
  • Risk of fatality or serious injury
  • No freedom/unable to leave
  • Wages used for debt
  • Not in possession of ID or passport
  • Subject to forced marriage
  • Unable to access medical treatment /care / equipment required to maintain independence
  • Under control of others e.g. gang master, dealers, pimp for prostitution
  • Subject to violence/threats/ fearful
  • Actual physical/psychological harm

Refer to Modern slavery: how to identify and support victims (Statutory Guidance) available at:

Last Updated: 7 December 2021