Bins, Bags and Boxes

Milton Keynes Council collects recycling and rubbish from MK residents every week. See our Quick Guide to Recycling in MK (2018) (PDF, 2.4MB)or click below for more details.

Important advice for residents living in houses

  • Place recycling and rubbish out by 7am on the day of your collection, but no earlier than 5pm the evening before.
  • Place the bags and boxes on the boundary of your property closest to where the collection vehicle passes.  DO NOT pile up bags in a communal pile in your street.
  • All bags must be tied and loose items will not be collected.
  • Cardboard must be broken down and placed inside the recycling sack, or taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre for recycling.
  • If a recycling bag, box or wheelie bin contains the incorrect items it it will not be collected or emptied.

Important advice for residents living in flats

  • Large bins, known as Eurobins can be provided if requested by developers/management agents. Residents should ensure that rubbish is tied up in bin bags and placed in the black Eurobin. Recycling must be emptied loose in the pink recycling Eurobin.
  • Residents in flats may find it easier to use a reusable "bag for life" to transport their recycling to the bin.  
  • Access to the bins must not be obstructed by loose bags or bulky waste.
  • Eurobins are collected once a week, but not necessarily on the same day as the normal household collections.