Bins, Bags and Boxes

Click on the link below to view our handy guide to sorting out what items should go in which bag. Incorrect items in your bags, boxes or bins could mean they are not collected by the bin crews.

Quick Guide to Recycling in MK (2018) (PDF, 2.4MB)

Milton Keynes Council collects pink and clear recycling sacks (dry recyclables), black sacks (household waste), blue boxes (glass bottles and jars without lids), yellow bags (batteries) and green wheeled bins (mixed food and garden waste) from the kerbside of most houses each week.

Waste and recycling bags, boxes or bins must be placed by 7am on the day of your collection (but not before 5pm the evening before) on the boundary of your property closest to where the collection vehicle passes.

Do not pile up bags in one area of your street.

Flats where Eurobins are provided should ensure that black refuse bags are contained within the black bin whilst recycling should be placed loose into the pink recycling bin; residents in flats may find it easier to use a reusable "bag for life" to transport their recycling to the bin.  Access to the bins must not be obstructed by loose bags or bulky waste.  These larger bins are collected once a week, but not necessarily on the same day as the normal household collections.