Residents with Communal Bins

Large communal bins, known as Eurobins, are provided for rubbish and recycling.

What goes in the black Eurobin?

Black & Pink Eurobin
Black and Pink Eurobins

The black Eurobin is for rubbish. Please ensure that all rubbish is tied up in bin bags and placed in the black Eurobin.

What goes in the pink Eurobin?

The pink Eurobin is for recycling. This must be placed loose in the pink recycling Eurobin, i.e. not inside plastic bags. Please break down cardboard boxes.

Residents in flats may find it easier to use a reusable "bag for life" to collect their recycling in and then empty out into the pink Eurobin. 

If the Eurobins contains the wrong items they will not be collected and it will be the responsibility of the property manager to arrange for the bins to be emptied. This may incur a charge which could be passed onto the flats residents.

What goes in the green caddy?

Green 23l caddy
Green 23l food caddy

You may request a 23l green caddy to collect your food waste separately. The green caddy is kept inside your property and only placed out at the kerbside on your local bin collection day.  Ensure you place your flats number on the caddy.

Missed collection

Eurobins are collected once a week, but not necessarily on the same day as the normal household collections.

If you think the bin hasn’t been emptied please call tel. 01908 252570

For removal of large amounts of rubbish or household furniture

Do not place loose items or household furniture in the bin store – they will not be collected and may result in bins not being emptied if they are causing an obstruction.

Click here to organise a bulky waste collection or visit your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Last Updated: 9 September 2020