Recycling sack deliveries

Clear sacks are provided free of charge by MK Council for residents household recycling. A roll of qty 60 sacks is delivered annually and further top up rolls can be ordered through the year.

Recycling sacks are not supplied to businesses or MK residents living in flats where Eurobins are provided. Flats residents are asked to place their recycling loose into the pink Eurobins. Where Eurobins are not provided we will continue to supply recycling sacks.

How to order additional top-up rolls of clear recycling sacks

Extra top-up rolls of qty 20 clear recycling sacks can be ordered by clicking on the pink button below or call our Customer Services Team tel. 01908 252570. 

Home Delivery option

We will deliver a top-up roll of sacks to your home within the 10 working days of order.

Click and Collect option

Unfortunately due to the Covid19 we are not currently able to offer the Click and Collect option. Please order for Home Delivery of clear sacks. 

Order top-up roll of clear recycling sacks

Order a new resident/property package

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the annual delivery?

Annual sack deliveries were completed in mid-May 2020.  

If you require additional sacks please order a top-up roll online using the buttons above or by contacting our customer services team on tel. 01908 252570.

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I have not received my top-up roll of clear sacks

If 10 working days have passed since you placed your order or you have received a delivery completion e-mail when you haven't received your recycling sacks please contact our Customer Services Team on 01908 252570 to report a missed sack delivery. Please note: missed sack deliveries can NOT be reported online.

Deliveries may be recorded using body-cameras for audit purposes.

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Why do I have to order recycling sacks by phone/on–line now?

To make it easier for residents to obtain a roll of recycling sacks this has been changed to an online/telephone ordering system and the sacks are now delivered directly to your property. Previously residents complained to us that outlets would run out of sacks, were not open at convenient times or they would have to travel to an outlet.

Unfortunately sometimes recycling sacks we receive contain used nappies, food and even hypodermic needles which are dangerous for our staff and contaminates good recycling. With online ordering are able to monitor the ordering of sacks for each property and determine if there is ongoing misuse or contamination of sacks.

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How many recycling sacks can I order?

You can order one roll of sacks every six weeks until you reach the maximum of 180 sacks. 

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What if I use more than 180 recycling sacks each year?

Please ensure you squash down your recycling, particularly cardboard and plastic bottles so that you can fit more into each sack. If you need more than 180 sacks because you have a large family or you're a keen recycler then you can contact us and we will assess your situation and provide more sacks as necessary

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I have lots of large boxes that I can't fit into the bags

The kerbside scheme was never intended to collect large cardboard boxes.  If you are not able to fit the box into a sack by folding it or breaking it down then it is not suitable for our collection vehicles to take.  We provide three Household Waste Recycling Centres which all have dedicated cardboard skips for this very purpose.

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I am a new resident and don't have any recycling sacks

We are not always made aware of residents moving in to new properties and you may not have all the bins and information you need to present your waste correctly for collection.  The button below will take you to the order form where you can request a new property package which consists of the full set of bins, bags and boxes and an information leaflet explaining how to recycle.  There is also lots of helpful information on the accompanying pages of this website.

Order a new property package

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Last Updated: 1 October 2020