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We've made some changes to the way you get your recycling sacks.


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Although the council provides recycling sacks for free, these are paid for from your council tax.  Unfortunately this has led to some businesses using them to wrap goods and some residents to use them like refuse bags.  To help ensure we provide value for money to residents and to help limit contamination, we have changed the way that residents access recycling sacks.

We will still deliver a roll of recycling sacks to every property once a year between April and June.  If you run out of recycling sacks before your next annual delivery you can order additional sacks using our online form or by contacting our Customer Services Team and we will deliver a top-up roll of sacks within the next 10 working days on your collection day.  You can order one roll of sacks every six weeks until you reach the maximum of 180 sacks.  The chart below shows how many and how often you can order sacks.

Sack delivery guide
How often can you order sacks?

What if I use more than 180 recycling sacks each year?

If you need more than 180 sacks because you have a large family or you're a keen recycler then you can contact us and we will assess your situation and provide more sacks as necessary.  It may be that we can offer advice on the materials that you are putting in your recycling sacks that will make them last longer.

I have lots of large boxes that I can't fit into the bags

The kerbside scheme was never intended to collect large cardboard boxes.  If you are not able to fit the box into a sack by folding it or breaking it down then it is not suitable for our collection vehicles to take.  We provide three Household Waste Recycling Centres which all have dedicated cardboard skips for this very purpose.

I had an issue ordering sacks or have not received them

The majority of our sack deliveries are completed without issue but occasionally problems do occur.  If you are unable to order sacks or receive a completion e-mail when you haven't received your sacks then please contact our Customer Services Team on 01908 252570 and we will investigate the issue.

When is the annual delivery?

The annual delivery of recycling sacks for 2018 was completed on Saturday 2 June 2018.

A schedule for the 2019 delivery will be available towards the end of March 2019.

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Last Updated: 6 November 2018