What goes in the black rubbish sack?

The black sack is for items that cannot be recycled

Please place items that cannot be recycled in black bin bags, or black Eurobin if you live in flats, including:

Black rubbish bag and Eurobin
Black rubbish bag and Eurobin
  • crisp packets, biscuit and sweet wrappers*
  • pet food pouches*
  • all tissues and kitchen towel
  • plastic film, e.g. clingfilm
  • fruit nets
  • disposable coffee cups
  • coffee capsules/pods*
  • greasy pizza box
  • mixed materials, e.g pill packets, padded envelopes, Pringles tubes*
  • bubble wrap
  • polystyrene
  • laminated paper
  • disposable nappies**
  • wet wipes and sanitising wipes
  • sanitary products
  • animal waste/dog mess **
  • broken glass or china - please wrap in newspaper or bubblewrap to avoid injury to yourself or our crews
  • poor quality clothes
  • plastic carrier bags (please recycle at your local supermarket)

Residents must purchase black bin bags, they are not supplied by MK Council.

* These items can NOT be  recycled in the clear sack, but via local MK Charity Recycling to raise funds for Willen Hospice and MK Cat Rescue. Please see their website for drop off locations in MK.

** Nappies and animal waste should be double bagged.  Large quantities of nappies or animal waste should be placed over a number of bags so that no one bag is overly heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my rubbish?
My black bin bags are being ripped open by animals
Why does MK Council not provide black bin bags?

What happens to my rubbish?

Rubbish collected from the kerbside from MK residents homes in black bin bags no longer goes to landfill, instead it is taken to the Waste Recovery Park in Old Wolverton. Here the bags are split open to retrieve items that can be recycled and composted that have been placed in the black bin bags in error. The remaining rubbish is then sent to the advanced thermal treatment plant and then ultimately turned into electricity. Find out more about the MK Waste Recovery Park and book onto a tour.

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My black bin bags are being ripped open by animals

Do not place food waste in black bin bags as this attracts rats and other vermin. All food waste must be placed in the green bin. If black bags containing food are ripped open by pests it is the resident’s responsibility to clear up the mess.

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Why does MK Council not provide black bin bags?

As part of the budget proposals for 2015/16, and following consultation, Milton Keynes Council took the decision to stop supplying the annual roll of 26 black sacks to residents. The financial pressure for the Council to make savings are considerable and there is no statutory (legal) requirement for the council to provide black sacks.

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Last Updated: 20 June 2019