What goes in the green wheelie bin?

The green wheelie bin is for food and garden waste

Please place all food and garden waste in the green wheelie bin, unless you are home composting. Watch our information video for more advice on using your green bin.

MK residents may order a free green bin and grey kitchen caddy . The caddy assists with the daily collection of food waste in the kitchen, to then be emptied into the green wheelie bin. Alternatively place food waste onto a few sheets of newspaper, fold up and place straight into the green bin.

FGW bin selection
Grey kitchen caddy, Green wheelie bin and smaller green bin for flats
  • All Food Waste, including
  • all meat and bones - cooked or raw
  • fish
  • fruit and vegetables
  • bread and pastries
  • dairy products
  • tea bags and loose tea and coffee
  • all leftover food, plate scrappings
  • food that is out of date or mouldy
  • pet food leftovers
  • compostable disposable cups which comply & are visibly stamped with standard EN13432 (see advice below in FAQs)
  • All garden waste, including
  • grass clippings
  • garden plants
  • weeds
  • leaves and twigs
  • dead flowers
  • windfall fruit
  • small branches, under 15cm in diameter

If you have items that are not on the lists above please do not place them in your green food and garden waste bin.  There are some items we can't accept that can be home composted.  If you are unsure then you can e-mail your composting query to the Waste Team

Frequentlly asked questions

  1. Do I have to use the silver caddy?
  2. Can I use compostable caddy liners?
  3. What about biodegradable plastic?
  4. Can I put my caddy out for collection?
  5. I’m worried about hygiene, smells and flies
  6. I don’t have space for the wheeled bin outside, is there a smaller alternative?
  7. How can I clean my wheeled bin?
  8. Isn’t it better not to have any food waste?
  9. Do  you accept compostable disposable cups?

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Do I have to use the kitchen caddy?

No, the important thing is that food waste ends up in the green wheelie bin, not the black sack. The kitchen caddy is useful for collecting food waste to then transfer to the green bin outside. If you want to buy your own caddy or just use a piece of newspaper to collect vegetable peelings, etc. that’s fine.

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seedling logo green 1.gif
Compostable standard required

Can I use compostable caddy liners?

Yes, you may line your caddy with compostable paper liners or corn starch bags as long as they meet the standard EN13432 and the Seedling logo is visible on the bags. Alternatively use a few sheets of newspaper, ordinary used writing paper, plain junk mail or plain brown paper bags. 

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What about biodegradable plastic?

Biodegradable does not mean compostacle and so must not be placed in the caddy or green wheelie bin.

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Can I put my caddy out for collection?

No, it is intended for indoor use only.

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I’m worried about hygiene, smells and flies

Please follow basic food hygiene principles :

  • Store your caddy or any other food waste container away from food preparation areas, as you would any ordinary kitchen bin.
  • Always shut the lid of the caddy and the green wheelie bin immediately after putting waste in.
  • Lining the caddy with newspaper keeps it cleaner
  • Clean the caddy ( or any other container) frequently, as you would any ordinary bin
  • Don’t store large quantities of food waste in the kitchen
  • Don’t store food waste in the kitchen for long periods, transfer the food waste to the outside bin daily.  If the food waste is mouldy, smelly, higher risk such as raw meat, or you have any other worries about it, wrap it in newspaper and take it straight to the outside wheeled bin.
  • Keep a stock of newspaper handy to wrap your food waste and/ or to line the caddy.
  • Put your green wheeled bin out for collection every week that there is waste in it, no matter how small the amount (we don’t mind – we’re coming down your road anyway!)

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I don’t have space for the wheeled bin outside, is there a smaller alternative?

Homes with little outside storage space can be supplied with a 23 litre green bin instead of a wheeled bin.  A small number of properties in Milton Keynes do not have appropriate access for a wheeled bin but have too much garden waste for a 23 litre bin - in these rare circumstances we can provide wet strength paper sacks, but we do not supply them to any property where a wheeled bin is more suitable.  Please contact 01908 252570 or email to request a changeover.

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How can I clean my wheeled bin?

It is best to wrap all food waste in newspaper and make sure to put your bin out for collection each week, to reduce the need for cleaning. There are lots of tips on his on the internet such as using hot soapy water or disinfectant and a yard broom.  You can also use a bin cleaning service if you don’t want to do this yourself. 

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Isn’t it better not to have any food waste?

Yes!  You could save yourself (and the Council) a lot of money. A really useful website to help you reduce your food waste is love food hate waste.

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Do  you accept compostable disposable cups?

MK Council can only compost cups that display the EN13432 standard/Seedling logo. These meet with our requirements of decomposition at the In-vessel composting facility that food and garden waste in sent to, & is also visibly easily recognisable for the Serco bin collectors. Ultimately we do not want large amounts of them sent to the composting facility as it cannot accept too much cardboard. As a department we would much prefer the reuse of crockery mugs or reusable mugs. Everyday disposable coffee cups should go in the black rubbish bag where they will be sent to the MK Waste Recovery Facility and ultimately turned into electricity.

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Last Updated: 15 January 2019