Collection Days

24/03/20 Please note that collections are currently being made as usual.

Find your usual collection day using your postcode 

Milton Keynes Council collects from the curbside of most houses each week:

Where and when to put your bins out  

  • Waste must be presented by 7am on the day of your collection (but not before 5pm the evening before)
  • Make sure the right waste is put in the right container and that there is no loose waste or cardboard (see details of what to put in each container with above page links)
  • Put waste on the boundary of your property closest to where the collection vehicle passes.

If you think your rubbish has been missed by our team please use our missed bin reporting form.  

Getting help with putting your bins out 

If you need help to put bins bags or boxes out and do not have any friends or relatives who can assist, you can request an assisted collection.

Waste Collections from Flats 

Flats, where Eurobins are provided, should ensure that all bags are contained within the correct bin (pink for recycling and black for waste) and access to the bins is not obstructed by loose bags or bulky waste.  These larger bins are collected at least once a week, but not necessarily on the same day as the normal household collections.

For operational reasons, we may collect green bins, blue boxes, pink sacks and black sacks separately. This means that there may be more than one vehicle that visits your property to collect your waste and recycling each week.