Disposing of household items and bulky waste

How to sell, donate or dispose of unwanted household goods

There are several different ways to dispose of large household items safely:

  • Sell or donateif good quality and may be of use to someone else.
  • Use a shop 'take back' or 'trade in' scheme when buying new large items of furniture or white goods.
  • Take it to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres for free disposal.
  • Use MK Council's bulky waste collection service This is a charged for service is intended for rubbish bags, household furniture, bathroom items, white goods, carpets, mattresses and garden waste, TVs, and microwaves etc. Please note that we don't collect hazardous waste, car batteries, tyres, sheets of glass or commercial waste.
  • If you are having a large clear out, you may wish to hire a skip. Go to Skip and Bin and type in your postcode for a price comparison of skip hire charges in your area.

Last Updated: 17 February 2020