Environmental Crime

The Environmental Crime Unit (ECU) investigates certain criminal offences on behalf of the council. These offences include:

ECU also provides the council’s response to unauthorised encampments – i.e. traveller incursions. They also investigate reports of abandoned vehicles by checking the vehicle tax status, looking at the circumstances surrounding the report and, where necessary, removing vehicles and prosecuting those that have left the vehicles.

ECU manages the mobile CCTV capability on behalf of the council, primarily looking for fly tipping offenders.

ECU doesn’t clear waste or dog fouling, but takes actions against offenders which can be a warning/education, a legal notice, a fixed penalty notice or prosecution.

There is, currently, a pilot scheme running where the council has employed a private company, WISE, to issue fixed penalty notices for littering offences. 

To provide information about those committing environmental crimes, please contact 01908 253200 or email scu.enforcement@milton-keynes.gov.uk.

Last Updated: 22 March 2022