Get Sorted MK!

Working with parish councils to reduce the amount of incorrect items placed in bags and increasing recycling overall

What was Get Sorted MK?

Get Sorted MK was a recycling campaign run by MK Council from March 2018 until February 2019. We teamed up with 24 town, community and parish councils who signed up to the scheme - check if your local parish took part. (JPG, 58KB).

Many people recycle their rubbish very well but everyone could do a little more to help make MK a more greener, more environmentally friendly place. Get Sorted MK was a fun and useful way to find out about how all sorts of things can be recycled, reused or repurposed from MK Council.

Contamination of the recycling bags is a problem in MK and a high number of these are arriving at the Materials Recycling Factory (MRF) every week with things like food waste or dirty nappies in them which have to be picked out by hand! These can also contaminate the recyclable items inside the bag making the whole bag unsuitable for recycling.

The Get Sorted MK website gives recycling onformation, tips and advice and photographs can be uploaded about events, such as swishing (clothes swap) events, litter picks, repurposing an old piece of furniture or an old car tyre.

Working with Parishes

MK Council asked all town, community and parish councils if they would like to sign up to the Get Sorted MK campaign. In return for promoting the campaign in their local areas they received a cash lump sum just for signing up plus additional cash sums if the amount of contamination in the recycling bags went down over the year. The money can be spent on whatever they like as long as it's for the community.

What did MK Council do?

As well as working with parish councils to reduce contamination in recycling bags and increase recycling, MK Council launched a number of projects and activities throughout the year including:

  1. New microsite -
  2. Competitions - for all schools in MK
  3. Great prizes to give away
  4. Fun games and activities
  5. Free giveaways
  6. Support, advice and guidance for people to hold their own recycling or repurposing events

Resources for parishes

Participating parishes had access to the resources on the left hand side of this page to help them with their own local Get Sorted MK! campaign.



































Last Updated: 10 October 2019