Real Nappy Testimonials


Mum Emma and baby Clementine: "We started using reusable nappies when our daughter was a couple of weeks old and haven't looked back. We also use reusable wet wipes and find them so much better than disposables!" 

Mum Emma and baby Clementine
Mum Fiona & Baby Florence
Mum Fiona and baby Florence.

Mum Fiona and baby Florence: "We wanted to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and be more environmentally conscious. The cloth nappies are so easy to use & come in lots of lovely prints. They are also kinder on baby’s skin. We will also be using them on our second child due in April, so have saved quite a bit of money not buying disposables."

Mum Helen & Baby Freya
Mum Jennifer and baby Alice

Mum Jennifer and baby Alice: "When my eldest was born I was a student and pretty skint. Cloth nappies were cost effective long-term could be used for future children and don’t go to landfill. I have had fewer leaks with reusable nappies."

Mum Michelle and baby Amy: "The environmental impact of disposable nappies concerns me. I didn’t use reusable nappies with my eldest child, and regret my lack of interest/commitment to it. After researching reusable nappies, buying a few preloved in different styles, joining some Facebook advice groups, we found that pocket nappies and dry pailing works for our family. I love the fun and vibrant prints and their low price tag too."

Kirsty and baby Willow: "Real nappies have saved me a lot of money as disposable nappies are so expensive, especially in the early days when they go through so many. We found disposable nappies leaked a lot on Willow, but reusable nappies don't as you can fit them around the waist and legs, and the nappies will then last until she is using the potty."

Mum Helen & Baby Freya
Mum Emily and baby Zachary

Mum Emily and baby Zachary: "We love using cloth nappies as they are better for the environment, cheaper than disposables and look great. They are really easy to use & they keep everything contained, and under control! We don’t ever get leaks with our real nappies."

Mum Laura, baby Arthur and baby Oliver

Mum Laura, baby Arthur and baby Oliver: "I spent over £2k on disposables with my first child, who in now 8 year old. Reusable nappies are so cost effective and can be used for more than 1 child. Budget priced real nappies have proven as good, if not better than some expensive brands."

 Mum Helen & Baby Freya
Mum Helen and baby Freya.

Mum Helen and baby Freya: "When I found out that every baby contributes around a tonne of nappies into landfill, I was shocked and didn’t want my choice to have a family to contribute to that. After I started researching cloth nappies I also found out it would also save us money long term and was better for our daughter as there are no nasty chemicals used in cloth nappies unlike disposables. I was sold! I researched a lot whilst I was pregnant as the choice seemed overwhelming at first. I scoured lots of cloth nappy websites. This has worked perfectly for us and although the initial outlay was quite a lot we have more than made our money back. To me there are genuinely no downsides to using cloth and I would recommend it to anyone!"

Mum Jana and baby Jamie: "We used to have a full black bin a week and since having Jamie, the amount doubled, maybe even tripled and we knew we needed to do something about it. We did buy only a few real nappies to start with and quickly fell in love with them and we have since purchased more."

Mum Amy and baby Sebastian

Mum Amy and baby Sebastian: "So the thought of newborns getting through around 10 nappies a day and each of them taking such a long time to decompose terrified me. When I was pregnant and started thinking about bringing a baby into the world I couldn't get over the amount of plastic we would be using so started looking for alternatives. We also use reusable wipes as much as possible and have reduced single use plastics around the house."

Mum Kelly and baby Riley
Mum Kerry and baby Riley

Mum Kerry and baby Riley: "I decided to use reusable nappies when making a conscious effort to reduce our household waste; I hated the idea of such a huge unnecessary contribution to landfill. When researching I found that the very dated methods of boiling and sterilising cloth are a thing of the past and using cloth is easier than ever before. I could not believe how beautiful they were with lots of lovely prints; I was also impressed with how slim fitting and absorbent they are. I don’t contribute to the thousands of disposables that end up in land fill and it’s saved me around £1500 in total."





Last Updated: 4 February 2020