Recycle Right

Let's get the right thing in the right bin

Each year MK Council handles around 90,000 tonnes of waste and recycling from residents. That’s the equivalent weight of nine Eiffel Towers!


More and more people in MK are motivated to get it right. Research shows that over 60% of UK households are now recycling more than they were a year ago because of environmental concerns.

It’s important to put the right thing in the right bin. Recycling can be made into new goods, unless it's been contaminated by dirty waste.

What is contamination?

Wrong items are called contamination.

Unfortunately, every week we see a lot of things in the clear recycling sacks that shouldn’t be there, like dirty nappies, needles, glass bottles, food waste, medicine blister packs and old clothes.

For instance every day we find around 400 dirty nappies in clear sacks.

When we receive the wrong things in recycling we have to stop our Materials Recycling Facility and pick them out, mostly by hand. Dealing with contamination costs hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. That’s money being wasted instead of being used to help local people.

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Reuse - Reduce - Recycle

What can I recycle in MK?

If you are unsure about how to recycle a specific item then our quick guide (PDF, 3.4MB) should help.

Recycle Quick Guide poster - a visual aid to decide what goes where when recycling.

Our free Household Waste Recycling Centres are there for MK residents to drop off household rubbish and recycling.

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Last Updated: 16 December 2021