Report a Missed Collection

Please inform us if we have missed collecting your rubbish or recycling by completing the on-line form below or call Customer Services on tel. 01908 252570. Before you report a missed collection please check that:

If incorrect items have been placed in a recycling container it will not be collected or emptied. Check what can and cannot be recycled in the different containers please.

Please note: Two different vehicles collect waste and recycling from your street - one for the black bin bags, clear recycling sacks and blue boxes for glass, and the other collects the green wheelie bin and yellow battery bags.

You will have a 48 hour window to report a missed collection to us - after this period we will not return until the next scheduled bin collection day.

The missed collection form below contains information about your waste collection and will highlight if there was an issue with your bins, bags or boxes that prevented the collection.  If there was an issue, or if the crew have not yet completed your street you will not be able to log a missed collection.  

Report a Missed Bin Collection

The Missed Bin Collection should be made within the next two working days after submitting the online form.

Last Updated: 17 November 2020