Street Cleaning

Details on frequencies of street cleaning

All Council owned public land should be cleaned on at least an eight weekly basis. Some areas will be visited more frequently, receiving fortnightly or even daily visits - especially around schools, shops and areas of high footfall. 

When we clean an area we use a combination of litter picking, manual sweeping and mechanical sweeping depending on the needs of an area.  We do not always send all our resources to an area if they are not needed as this would be inefficient, e.g. if an area only requires litter picking we will not send manual or mechanical sweepers.

Schedules may be delayed by public holidays, bad weather (especially snow, when we suspend cleaning so our crews can help with gritting footpaths) and exceptional circumstances that require us to divert the crews away from their planned routes.

Where can I find the cleaning frequencies?

Maps of cleansing frequencies can be found on the My MK mapping pages.

Other landowners with cleaning responsibilities

There are several other land owners in Milton Keynes. The Council does not cleanse land belonging to The Parks Trust (except on grid roads), the Homes and Community Agency, businesses, housing associations or private individuals. Contact these organisations directly if there are cleansing issues on their land.

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Last Updated: 12 April 2021