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A new and exciting range of free environmental education talks for MK residents

New educational talks and videos
Let’s Recycle Right
Plastic Ocean
Super Powers
Small actions, big impact
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New educational talks and videos

MK Council Environment and Waste team are pleased to offer a new and exciting range of free environmental education talks for schools and community groups. We can come to your venue to talk to you about:

  • Let's Recycle Right - what can be recycled in MK and what happens next
  • Plastic Ocean - focus on plastic pollution and littering
  • Super Powers - renewable energy and what happens to MK black bin bag waste
  • Small actions, Big Impact - how humans impact the environment and changes we can all make to live more sustainably

These talks are available for KS2 to 5 students and local adult community groups. There is also a school's video version available for each topic.

For  EYFS, KS1 or children’s community groups such as Scouts and Brownies see our children's educational resources for free videos, fun worksheets, activities, craft ideas, and more. Talks are currently not available.

For groups and schools based outside of MK, please contact your local council’s Waste and Recycling team.

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Choose from the following 4 sessions:

Let’s Recycle Right

This session covers everything you need to know to feel confident you are recycling correctly, covering:

Let's recycle right swirl PAA
  • What goes in which bin, box or bag
  • How MK residents’ recycling is processed
  • What it is recycled into
  • What happens to MK black bin bags
  • Actions we can all do to help the environment

Alternatively for schools, watch our Let's Recycle Right Schools video and download supporting activity sheets 

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Plastic Ocean

This session covers plastic pollution, the impact of litter and the importance of recycling.

Plastic ocean swirl PAA
  • The role of plastic in our everyday lives
  • How plastic gets in the ocean
  • Plastic pollution and impact on wildlife
  • What happens when litter enters local waterways
  • What plastic can be recycled
  • Actions we can all do to help reduce plastic

Alternatively for schools, watch our Plastic Ocean schools video and download supporting activity sheets 

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Super Powers

The session looks at energy sources and what happens to MK’s black bin bags.

Super powers swirl PAA
  • Current energy provision, and issues with coal and gas fossil fuels
  • Different types of renewable energy sources
  • What happens at the MK Waste Recovery Park and how MK bin bag rubbish is turned into a source of energy

Alternatively for schools, watch our Super Powers school video and download supporting activity sheets 

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Small actions, big impact

This session focuses on how simple daily decisions can impact the environment.

Small actions swirl PAA
  • How humans have impacted the world by our actions – including deforestation, mining, pollution, waste management
  • Examples of small daily behaviour changes that have a positive impact on the environment
  • The impact of fast fashion
  • Greenwashing

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Booking Information

Each session is available to various audiences and is adapted appropriately to meet your needs:

  • School Primary, KS2 (age 7 to 11 years old) – 60-minute session, includes free activity and Eco Warrior booklet
  • School Secondary, KS 3 to 5 (age 12 to 18 years old) – 40-minute session
  • School Council and Eco group – 30-minute discussion session
  • School assemblies – 20-minute session
  • MK adult community groups – 40 minute session, plus question and answer time

Talks are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday - morning, afternoons and evenings

If you have any special requirements or would like to speak to someone about your booking please call 01908 252312 or email 

Check our list of available dates (PDF, 108KB)

Complete the online booking form with your request. We will then contact you back to confirm your booking.


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Last Updated: 12 January 2022