What happens to my rubbish?


Photo of waste being processed at the Waste Recovery Plant

MK Waste Recovery Park

Many people still think that our rubbish goes to landfill, but the MK Waste Recovery Park (MWRP) has been processing the rubbish from our residents' black bin bags for several years now. The Recovery Park is situated in Old Wolverton, just across the road from the Materials Recycling Facility. How it works:

  1. Initially the MKWRP machinery locates and retrieves items, such as plastic bottles and tin cans that should have been placed in the clear recycling sack, but have been placed in the black bin bag in error.
  2. Then it locates any food and garden waste, which should have gone in the green wheeled bin, which is then composted to create a low-grade compost-like output.
  3. The remaining non-recyclable items then go to the advanced thermal treatment plant where it is ‘cooked’, creating a gas which is in turn combusted to create steam. This then drives a turbine which creates electricity that powers the factory and the excess is fed into the National Grid. 

You can see the process from start to finish here (PDF, 4.9MB)

For more information on the MKWRP you can visit the website by clicking on this link.

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What happens to my recycling?

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Last Updated: 12 January 2022