What happens to my rubbish?

Black sacks are collected each week in MK and are taken to the new MK Waste Recovery Park (MKWRP) in Old Wolverton.

This facility sorts out the black sack waste into items that could be recycled, compostable items like food and garden waste and leaves any non-recyclable items finally for processing.

The non-recyclable items then go through an advanced thermal treatment (ATT) which turns them into a fuel suitable to generate steam. This then drives a turbine which creates electricity that is fed into the National Grid.

You can see the process from start to finish here (PDF, 4.9MB)

This process is used to treat the 93,600 tons of unrecyclable waste that is generated annually in MK.

The ATT will run all year round to deal with the 93,600 tons of unrecyclable waste generated per year in MK. That's nearly 1 ton per household!

To find out more about the process, read previous newsletters or to book a tour of the facility visit the MKWRP website

Last Updated: 12 September 2018